DSS FX1 Series 4.6 Piston

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DSS _FX1_4.6

DSS FX Piston is a 2618 material. These pistons include valve reliefs for both PI and TrickFlow heads. The FX pistons have a proven X groove on the skirt to control oiling. 


FX series pistons feature the patented X Groove skirt design which reduces damage caused by fuel wash down and break-in debris for superior skirt, cylinder, and ring life. For stroker engines, the advanced skirt design improves piston stability and ring seal which provides quieter operation. Features include:
* Forced pin oiling
* Drilled bottom land intersecting oil groove drain backs
* Pin lock ring removal slot
* Precision honed piston pin bores
* High strength piston wrist pins
* Deep CNC valve reliefs

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DSS FX1 Series 4.6 Piston